West Meets East

Kai and Max SF, CA

We planned to move from Sacramento, California to Brooklyn, New York by plane and our stuff would follow in a van.  Certainly, driving a rental car full of two dogs and a cat did not figure into it.  After all, it was the end of February and winter was still in force.  Unfortunately, the airlines would not accept the pets because it was three degrees to cold in Sacramento.  That’s right, three degrees. Perhaps I should make one thing very clear, our pets are well loved  and happy.  I don’t want them to freeze or experience discomfort.  Since S had to start her new job, it was up to me to drive the critters across.

This is one of the rare moments that Ruby and Coco were awake during the six day trip across Interstate 80 East.  Iowa Turnpike?  Love your rest stops.  Ohio? The Starbucks are much appreciated.  Utah and Wyoming Highway Patrol?  Really wish you hadn’t pulled me over.  Twice.  For not speeding.

I was incredibly proud to make it in one piece. Blizzards, white outs, floating snow drifts and slushy conditions were enough to frazzle my nerves.  The pizza from Brooklyn’s “Tomato and Basil” was delicious.

We got the keys to our apartment the morning after I arrived.  I anticipated a few snags along the way because we were moving into a new building.  Six weeks and many, many workers streaming in and out of the apartment later, it’s just about feeling like home.  I’d rather not go into the plumbing incident.  Suffice it to say that certain items do indeed float downstream and we live in the bottom unit.

Week six, Internet arrived and with it came what appeared to be Easter week.

This brings me to the topic of the next post:  initial impressions of New York from a life time west coaster.

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I'm a west coast transplant who lives in Brooklyn, NY. I love many outdoor and sporty activities including hiking, biking, running, cycling, walking and exploring New York. We have two dogs, a French Bulldog and a Pug. I enjoy cooking but baking is my passion. I'm no expert but I like to bake for friends and family, and love to try new recipes and bake new things. Thanks for reading!
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