New York Road Runners Healthy Kidney 10K Run, Central Park

New York Road Runners Healthy Kidney 10K Run, Central Park


New York Road Runners 10k, May 14, 2011

Race Morning

When the alarm clock went off at 5:15 a.m., I asked myself this question, “Why so early? On a Saturday?” Why run? I love running almost as much as I run dogs and for those of you who know me, I love dogs. I really love them. I’m the guy that stops dog owners on the street to ask if I can say hello to their pooch. Some take to it better than others, but dogs, like running, create conversation.

I don’t have a running partner here in New York City. Not yet, anyway. When the alarm goes off, I have the option to roll over and go back to sleep and I admit, last winter I did just that a couple of times. Why run? Because runners are kooky and in New York, especially, runners are particularly wonderful; they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, ages.  It’s a treat to see kids as young as 12 running and older competitors in their 70′s and 80′s.  The oldest male finisher was 87 years old!  I want that to be that runner when I grow up.

Over 7,500 runners finished the race on a cool, overcast morning.   Here’s a shot of the last 100 meters of the race.  It’s hard to appreciate the incline from a photo.  Trust me, it hurts at the end of the run.


If you follow women’s professional running, you’ll recognize the 2011 Los Angeles Marathon winner, Buzenesh Deba.  The Ethiopian runner took the women’s race out with a blazing time of 33:38.  Deba and the top three male finishers chatted with fans and race officials backstage at the award ceremony.




Overall Female Winners:

  1 Buzunesh Deba               23 WSX  USA          33:38
  2 Betsy Burke                 26 NYAC USA          36:13
  3 Michaela Laussegger         39 0    USA          37:32


Leonard Patrick Komon , the word record holder in the 10k and 15k distances, broke the NYRR Central Park 10k record yesterday and beat out the other racers by 20 seconds!  Leonard stands third from the right in the photo below.


Here’s a list of the overall men’s winners:

  1 Leonard Patrick Komon       23 NIKE KEN          27:35
  2 Micah Kogo                  24 REEB KEN          27:55
  3 Joseph Ebuya                23 NIKE KEN          27:56
  4 Simon Ndirangu              26 NIKE KEN          28:18
  5 Lelisa Desisa               21 NIKE ETH          28:19
  6 Tesfaye Girma               28 WSX  USA          28:24
  7 Ezkyas Sisay                22 WSX  ETH          28:47
  8 Bado Worku Merdessa         22 WSX  ETH          29:06
  9 Bobby Curtis                26 REEB USA          29:09
 10 Derese Deniboba             28 WTC  ETH          29:10

The United Arab Emirates sponsored this run and hosted the awards ceremony.  Next year, a $45,000 prize is up for grabs for breaking this year’s record of 27:35.  I was barely half way through the run when the elites were getting their post race massage!


The full list of racing results for the 10k run can be found here:  results.


For anyone who participates in these runs, plenty of clean porta potties are a welcome sight.


Running in Central Park is a pleasure and I recommend you run the six mile loop when you have the opportunity.

Here is the requisite post race dog photo.  Lots of cute dogs were out but these two big boys caught my eye.


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