Specialized Robaix Triple

Specialized Paris Robaix Triple

Specialized Paris Robaix Triple


This is my bicycle.  It is a Specialized Robaix Triple.  It’s the most comfortable, smooth ride I’ve experienced.  I haven’t made any upgrades, the fit is perfect and as a recreational cyclist, I don’t plan to do anything drastic.

I hope to do some bicycle tours over the next few years. When I was a teenager I toured with family and I have always wanted to get back into it. 

I did a 40-mile group ride (my first) in Napa in April.  Actually I did a 38-mile ride and then my rear tire met a two inch nail.  The rest of the group did 40-miles.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my personal SAG vehicle.  She’s dreamy.

I’m going to do the “Almost Metric Century” ride on Saturday, June 6th in Rocklin, CA.  The route is described as hilly, scenic and cautions riders to train for the distance. 

I bicycle to and from work most days since selling my car. My body appreciates it and so does the environment. I’m fine with cars. I just know that my mind and body benefit from the exercise. Cycling home, I usually take the long way and listen to a podcast. It’s okay, I’m riding on a bicycle trail and the volume is quite low. 

Generally, I ride sixteen or so miles per day during the week and do longer rides on the weekends.

I follow professional cycling closely and admit to following pros on Twitter. Why didn’t Versus pick up television rights for the Giro?  http://www.gazzetta.it/Speciali/Giroditalia/2009/en/

I don’t know about you, but when I watch cycling on t.v., it’s like a slow-mo infomercial that makes me want to visit.  Today the flat roads of California’s Central Valley, tomorrow the Dolemites?

If you like intelligent and entertaining sports commentary in the cycling community, you’ll recognize two of my favorites, Paul Sherwin and Phil Liggitt.

Phil Liggitt and Paul Sherwin

Phil Liggitt and Paul Sherwin

In spite of what you may think, I do not live in San Francisco. Not yet anyway.  Soon.  So very soon.  For now, I live in Sacramento.  Flat, flat, flat Sacramento. Don’t forget hot. No wait, hot doesn’t begin to describe the waves of intense heat that settles in and lingers like that same pesky mosquito that keeps you up nights.  The same mosquito who assures you that one is a powerful number. 



Why Sacramento, you ask? It’s not because I want to put in lots of endurance rides and runs on flat terrain. Nah.  The very same person who comandeers the SAG vehicle found work down here,  It’s a close jump to San Francisco.  Not close enough, mind you, for those of you who know better. Often we are asked, “Sacramento?”  Seriously, it’s a great place to live and I have met nice, nice people and the weather is beautiful.

Stay hydrated. Use your sunscreen. Work out between the hours of  4 – 6 a.m.

I grew up in California and then moved around a bit before settling in Seattle for about 16-years.  Seattle = very wet .  I LOVE the way it smells, looks, and my friends and family up in the northwest. The Pacific Northwest is GORGEOUS. 



I mean, take a look at that photo and tell me it’s not fantastic.  Water, mountains, clean air, more water. You see, it’s rainy there and the incessant rain nearly drove me out of my mind.  I became an official grouch, a veritable crab.  I grew weary of the drop, drop, drop and plit plop plop rain down the back of my bleedin’ collar into my neck and argh! that’s cold. 

Truth is, that place seeped into me somewhere along the way and once I left it, I realized just how much of a northwesterner I had become.  Three years later and a recent visit remind me that I have moved far away and my sense of self has drifted south into an arid, sunny place with a beauty all its own.

With that, I say ”Get outside!”  Ride your bicycle and take a minute to breathe in what I hope is clean air before you glance at your surroundings with appreciation and gratitude for your health.

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