Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Even when all signs point to “It won’t happen!”, when word comes down that it really is not going to happen, it’s still disappointing.  I’m smart enough to know what a privilege it is to hold down  a solid job with decent pay and good benefits.  I’ve worked in some heinous work environments.

In fact, S. often jokes that there isn’t a job out there that I haven’t had.

I started lining soccer fields weekends at age 9.  I house sat, pet set and baby sat during my tweens and teens. Did “yard work; I was solely responsible for killing many of the gardens in my neighborhood.

I worked concessions and did scorekeeping at the ball park during high school summers. Stood on my feet at a donut shop, Taco Bell, a bakery, McDonald’s, two 7-11′s, four pizza places.

Sat on my arse as  a switchboard operator; the old fashioned-kind with lots of plugs and cords and holes that connected to mysterious far off places and some very impatient people.

I drove a forklift on a southeast Alaskan island. Drove my pickup and threw freight.  Worked as a do anything  human resources-type for a fishing company.

Was hit by three cars as a Seattle bike messenger.

Struggled to decipher voicemail messages from disgruntled Quebecois lessees as an insurance claims technician.

Worked at a video store that I just know was a front for something else.

Mercedes-Benz offers a concierge service to its credit card holders. You guessed it, I took the calls.  Anything from travel information s to “is there a drinking fountain for my cat” requests.  Then came the calls from the poor underinsured motorists in Appalachia whose cars were “hit” by deer.  No, I’m sorry but you don’t have rental car coverage.  Fun, fun.

Next came coffee.  Starbucks wasn’t a bad place to work back in the day before they grew to 100+ stores, before they went public.  They were still considered a specialty coffee company with quality coffee.

I poured mean shots alongside talented baristas at Batdorf & Bronson Coffee ( in Olympia, WA.  Never could pull off a nice rosette, however.  Still haven’t gotten over that one.



Worked as a counselor at a community college and university.

Spent a summer doing graveyard shifts at a group home for youth.

Graduate school at Antioch University, Seattle came and went in a flash.  One M.A. in psychology, thank you very much.

Two years of intensive in-home therapy cured me of my desire to have the opportunity to “meet the client where they’re at”.  Too much information and frankly, a tad too invasive for my tastes.

Back to the news…

Licensure.  I need to get licensed down here and in order to do that I need to switch jobs.  Why?  Because the news at the beginning of the post – the bad news…it came. There’s a slim chance (aka none) that I can accrue hours at my current place of employment for a variety of reasons that I do not plan to share.  Consider yourself lucky.

This discomfort, this continued sense called  ”not arrived”, is it something that will up and vanish one day or will it linger, fester, grow to be insurmountable and unbearable?

Looking for a lower paying, at times frightening job with less benefits in a less than desirable work location?

Now, that Dr. Freud, is n-u-t-s.

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I'm a west coast transplant who lives in Brooklyn, NY. I love many outdoor and sporty activities including hiking, biking, running, cycling, walking and exploring New York. We have two dogs, a French Bulldog and a Pug. I enjoy cooking but baking is my passion. I'm no expert but I like to bake for friends and family, and love to try new recipes and bake new things. Thanks for reading!
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