Two Week’s Notice

Sutter Creek Volcano Loop

Sutter Creek Volcano Loop

S. took a job in New York City so we are moving east.  I have lived in Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, Alaska and Washington State.   Mustn’t forget Paris, France.

We’re in the process of packing all of our worldly possessions and I ask myself how the hell we ended up with so much crap?  One purchase at a time, I guess.  Boxing it all up is daunting in part because of the sheer mass of stuff and in part because we don’t have a place to live!

Not yet anyway.  The plan?  We do have one.  Find a pet friendly place in Brooklyn this weekend.  Because we move in two weeks.  Thursday night I take a red eye to NYC where I meet up with Suzanne.  We have a few appointments scheduled and sweet jaysus do we need to find a new home.  It’s not quite that desperate but there is a bit of a time crunch.

The bike is packed and I’ll be unemployed, but we’re about to start a brand new adventure!

For now, I’m enjoying my last seven days of my job and I’m giving California two week’s notice.  For now.

I’ll be back.

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