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Kai South Rim Grand Canyon

Kai South Rim Grand Canyon

I live in one of the greatest cities in the world, New York.  Living in a densely populated, urban area makes me appreciate wide open spaces.

Hello!  Thank you for checking out my blog.  My name is Kai and  I’m a west coast transplant who lives in Brooklyn, New York.  I love to explore the city, to travel, to drink coffee, eat good food, to feed people.  I am a recreational runner and cyclist and love the feel of dirt beneath my shoes.  I have run five marathons so far and who knows what the future holds? Trail running is a passion of mine and without a car, accessing nature can be a challenge.  I miss the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain ranges from back home!

Most of my posts are about baking, dogs, and running.

I discovered my calling after working a series of really good jobs that weren’t exactly the right fit.  It wasn’t until I  finished school that I discovered what was missing. These days I work as a therapist with youth and families in NYC.  The opportunities for the future seem limitless and I cannot express how many times I thank my lucky stars.

I began baking as a kid.  I spent my free time climbing trees, playing football and making cookies.  My favorite thing to bake is a chocolate chip cookie, believe it or not. What better way to bring a smile to someone’s face?  I love to bake and am self taught. I make a lot of cookies, cupcakes, bars and quick breads because it’s easy to transport them on the train to my coworkers.  I want to learn to make really good cakes and yeast breads.  I follow several cooking and baking blogs and often find inspiration from their recipes and post about them.  My skills are weak in the technique department but I follow a recipe well and am coachable.  I have a hunch pastry is a bit too fussy for my tastes because I lose patience. I hope to create beautifully decorated cookies and cakes one day.  For now, I am content baking weekly and winding down after a long week.

I love to cook meals too and find pleasure feeding people hearty meals.  I favor Italian, Mexican and Indian foods; pasta, rice, stews, good burgers, soups.  The smell of spices coming together?  Bliss.

If I didn’t run and exercise, I’d be as big as a house!

Clearly, I am a fan of dogs.  Honey (pictured in the bucket above) is a French Bulldog puppy who came to us in August 2011.  Here’s a picture of her dad:

Ruby the pug is an energetic six year old who is a bit of a clown.

Ruby Snow

Ruby Snow


Coco the Frenchie lived to be almost three years old and was the epitome of sweet lap dog.  Sadly, she passed in May 2011.

Coco the Frenchie



Animal Haven logo

Animal Haven logo

Animal Haven is a no kill shelter in the SoHo district of Manhattan.  I have the pleasure of spending some volunteer time with this nonprofit.  To learn more go to their web page:  http://support.animalhavenshelter.org/site/PageNavigator/AboutUs_Homepage



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